Ocean Holistic Beauty Centre

Ocean Holistic Beauty Centre was created out of love and a desire to offer clients outstanding non-invasive treatments, following the highest European and world standards. We only work with top-notch imported products and devices from France, the UK, Germany, USA, and Canada. We offer a different concept of tailor-made treatments we create for each client separately and all in one treatments where in one treatment we treat everything the client needs in order to achieve their desired results. All treatments are completely non-invasive, with no down time, and they provide instant and incredible results. Aside from completely natural products with no harmful additives and preservatives, we also use oxygen during our treatments, ozone, led light therapy, radiofrequency, ultrasound, microcurrent that non-invasively and safely provide outstanding results. Our business is based on the confidence of our clients and personal recommendations. A Trusted Company certificate speaks volumes about the satisfaction of our clients which we received from the Center for the Independent Opinion of Clients, as there are no negative comments regarding our work, both from the users of our services and our business partners.
Our team is made of highly educated, professional and experienced beauty therapists, estheticians,cosmetologists, led by Sanja Tutunović, the owner and founder of Ocean Holistic Beauty Centre. She consistently expands her knowledge base, regularly attends congresses, seminars, and fairs in the cosmetology field and she steadily brings novelties from Europe and the world to Ocean Holistic Beauty Centre.

“The goal is important but also the journey.”

SANJA TUTUNOVIĆ, Ocean Holistic Beauty