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Revolutionary 5 in 1 body treatment – Thalgo iPulse 5.1

Thalgo iPulse 5.1 body treatment. Revolutionary 5 in 1 body treatment. Patented technology. Treatment for burning excess fat. Anti-cellulite treatment. Lymph drainage treatment. Muscle stimulation treatment. Skin tightening and lifting treatment. All in one treatment. On all problematic areas at the same time. No other treatment in the world has all these features, at the same time. All of these actions are needed for a complete effect of body reshaping, width reduction, fat burning and elimination of cellulite in a healthy way with no loose skin. Treatments are entirely adjustable to fit each client’s unique needs, as numerous programs are available to create a customized treatment package (there is a possibility of isolating various features). Therefore, this treatment is designed for all body types, for both sexes and all non-esthetic changes on the body. It doesn’t matter whether your problem is excess weight, localized fat, cellulite, water retention, or loose skin. With a single treatment, we cover all problematic regions – almost the entire body is treated at the same time instead of one region at a time. Treatments are done twice a week and are painless and comfortable. You only need a small number of treatments for outstanding results. Up to -10 cm after the first treatment. After a course of 7 treatments up to one size down, after a course of 12 treatments, up to 2 sizes down. The results are long-lasting because the body learns how to function properly again, fat cells are emptied, fats and toxins in the cells are repelled from the body, the oxygenation of tissue is bettered and proper lymph flow is established along with proper blood flow, improved muscle tone, tightened skin, and the body gets a reshaped look, with smaller width, and no cellulite. The way to your desired figure has never been faster and easier.

“The goal is important but also the journey”

SANJA TUTUNOVIĆ, Ocean Holistic Beauty