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Biological treatments

Biological treatments are designed for the care of all skin types; whether you have normal, dry, sensitive, combination, oily, dehydrated, tired and stress-damaged skin or for your skin’s individual needs.

  • Treatments for dry skin: Thalgo Cold Marine, Ella Bache Nutridermology, Oxymesotherapy, Max7 Led Light Therapy
  • Treatments for sensitive skin: Elemis Hydra Soothing Sensitive, Ella Baché S.O.S regenerative treatment , Ella Bache Sensibeautics with probiotic, Thalgo S.O.S calming and soothing, Max7 Led Light Therapy
  • Treatments for oily and combination skin: Thalgo purify marine, Ella Baché Intex, Ella Baché detox, Ella Baché perfect, Aquatonale purify, Aquatonale Acne Defense, Klapp detox, Klapp purify, Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing, Thalgo iBeauty Purity Reviver, Max7 Led Light Therapy
  • Treatments for hydration: Thalgo Hydra Marine Infusion, Thalgo iBeauty Hydra Corrector, Ella Baché Hydra Cationic, Elemis Hydra Soothing Sensitive, Beauty Med Chitosan Cellular, Beauty Med Hyaluron, Oxygen facial, Max7 Led Light Therapy
  • Treatment for whitening and brightening, oxygenating, for tired and stress affected skin: Thalgo Prodige des Oceans, Thalgo radiance, Ella Baché tomato original, Ella Bache Neoperfect, Oxygen facial, Vitamin C treatment, Thalgo iBeauty skin stimulation, Max7 Led Light Therapy
  • Needle-free mesotherapy: Fusion Mesotherapy
  • Skincare treatments for men: Thalgo men, Klapp men

“The goal is important but also the journey.”

SANJA TUTUNOVIĆ, Ocean Holistic Beauty